As a responsible corporate citizen, Hybrid Energy Australia is committed to protecting the native environment and water resource in line with regional initiatives. We are among the leaders researching technologies that will reduce carbon emissions into our atmosphere to benefit both Australia and other higher global emitters of greenhouse gases.

Hybrid Energy Australia has commenced the commissioning of an extensive range of independent research, which will assist with the development of a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). This valuable document will identify potential environmental, social, cultural and economic impacts of the proposed development. It will also highlight potential solutions to enhance the local environs while contributing to the State's need for transport fuels and reliable power, with effective liquid transport fuel production and low-emissions electricity generation capability.

Every stakeholder, including local landowners, the Kingston community and the wider general public, will be able to review and comment on the FuturGas EIS through Hybrid Energy Australia's commitment to open community consultation and active sourcing of feedback. It will also be assessed by the relevant government authorities and interested parties. Government, community and agency comment will also be actively sought in developing the company's Development and Planning Application.

While we will keep the community updated on formal opportunities to provide feedback, any issues of concern can also be provided to us at any time via telephone, letter, or the 'Online Enquiry' page on this website.

Once the Feasibility studies are completed and the FuturGas EIS community consultation process undertaken with a favourable outcome, stringent Environmental Management Plans addressing each stage of project construction and operation will be prepared and monitored, with ongoing community consultation remaining a priority.