Hybrid Energy Australia's Vision

"To have the company recognised as a successful, innovative and dynamic energy conversion company committed to the development of projects associated with producing quality synthetic liquid fuels and generating low-emissions electricity in an environmentally and socially responsible manner."

A number of trends have provided an unique opportunity for the company to commence work on its initial FuturGas Project in the South East of South Australia.

These trends include:

  • the continuing increase in the world-wide price and a potential increasing demand for liquid transport fuels, particularly with the impending economic growth of India and China;
  • an increasing Australian trade deficit in petroleum liquids affecting economic growth and energy security;
  • a possible peak electricity demand supply short-fall within 10 years in south eastern Australia;
  • the decreasing natural gas reserves within South Australia; and
  • the more recent technological developments occurring in coal gasification, and carbon dioxide capture and storage (geosequestration).

The challenges in developing and successfully using the Kingston lignite resource will require extensive study of the techniques available for the ongoing management of the associated groundwater and aquifers (hydrology), and the assessment of the suitability of the lignite for gasification in the manufacture of synthetic liquid fuels.