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Dec 2008

2007-08 Hybrid Energy Australia Activity Report

April 2008

The FuturGas Project
- a low-emissions initiative for SA

As the Feasibility studies for the FuturGas Project progresses, Hybrid Energy Australia will ensure that information is communicated to the general public, including any planned future activities.

Information will be provided through a range of mediums to ensure widespread distribution, including printed publications, online community updates available from this website, Community Information Days, media coverage, and advertisements.

The latest Project news can also be obtained directly from the members of the FuturGas Community Consultation Group.

These planned communications will offer consultation and feedback opportunities that will assist to guide Hybrid Energy Australia in planning for the FuturGas facility.

While we will keep you posted on formal opportunities to provide feedback, your issues can also be provided to us at any time via telephone, letter, your FuturGas Community Representative, or email via the 'Online Enquiry' page on this website.

All printed material will be linked to this page of our website, so please check this page regularly for updates. You can also check out our 'Online Community News' section, which will include the latest announcements regarding meetings, events and other information which may be of interest.

The FuturGas Feasibility studies are currently on hold until an investment partner is secured. Commencement of the Environmental Impact Statement community consultation process will occur upon a favourable outcome of the Feasibility studies.