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Project Overview
The FuturGas Project is Hybrid Energy Australia's initiative to develop part of the Kingston lignite (coal) resource, over which the company holds petroleum and mineral exploration licences. This resource is located 250km south of Adelaide, in the South East of South Australia, adjacent to the northern edge of the Otway Basin.

From 2008, the University of Adelaide and other specialist consultants have been contributing to the comprehensive Feasibility studies for the FuturGas Project, which will assess the viability of this proposed development.

Kingston CoalFollowing the completion of the company's Feasibility studies and subject to necessary approvals, it is planned for the FuturGas Project to commence with the development of a surface mine which will be progressively rehabilitated. The current Project plans include the development of both a coal-to-liquids conversion facility and a low-emissions power generation plant which will comprise the FuturGas facility - as well as next generation technology that will capture, transport and store carbon dioxide emissions from the FuturGas facility. The exact timing of the Project will be determined following the completion of the current Feasiblity studies and subsequent FuturGas Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The specific location of the FuturGas facility will be determined by the results of the Feasibility studies.

The FuturGas Project will:

  • provide an unique opportunity to develop an environmentally responsible liquid fuels and power generation initiative based on commercially proven low-emissions technology;

  • provide a pathway to near zero emissions through the subsequent development of carbon capture and storage technology;
  • provide a secure supply of electricity utilising a substantial coal resource; and
  • produce quality liquid fuels that will contribute to Australia's liquid fuel transport requirements.