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1. Why is Hybrid Energy Australia proposing a liquid fuels and power generation development near Kingston?

2. What are the broad details of plans for the FuturGas development?

3. Where exactly is the lignite deposit?

4. What is lignite and how does it differ from other types of Australian coal?

5. How much lignite is there?

6. What does JORC compliant mean and why is it important?

7. What will the mine look like?

8. Where will the FuturGas facility be located?

9. What will the FuturGas facility look like?

10. What is carbon capture and storage (CCS)?

11. Will the mining affect local aquifers?

12. How much native vegetation will be affected?

13. How is the FuturGas Project different to the development proposed by Western Mining Corporation in the late 1980s?

14. What is gasification?

15. How will the FuturGas Project benefit South Australia?

16. How will the FuturGas Project benefit the South East region?

17. Will landowners be affected during the Feasibility Study?

18. When can we expect an announcement on progress?

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